The day before Celebrate Bisexuality Day (AKA Bi Visibility Day, Bi Pride Day, Bi Awareness Day and Bi Visibility Day), which falls on 23 September, I decided to write a blog entry about bisexuality. I was rather tired, and right before I started to write I was (once again) confronted with a bunch of nasty comments written by gay people in response to an article about bisexuality, so my blog entry became a bit of a rant and I forgot to state that I assume that the majority of people who are gay aren’t negative toward bisexuality.

Tonight, I learned that the National LGBTQ Task Force, an American organization removed an article published on their Website on Bi Visibility Day because several people complained about its content. In the article, programs director Evangeline Weiss, explained she wishes to say bye-bye to the word bisexuality and hopes others will follow her example. I haven’t read Ms. Weiss article, but I have read elsewhere that her dislike for the word bisexual stems from the belief that the word bisexual reinforced a binary concept of gender. While it is Ms. Weiss prerogative to dislike the term bisexual, my definition of bisexuality includes a possible attraction to cis-gender as well as transgender men and women, intersex individuals, etc.. I realize that I could use the label pansexual in order to avoid confusion, and I even considered doing so very, very briefly when I first learned about the existence of the term pansexuality, but since to me, the concept of bisexuality already encompassed various types of gender-identity, I decided there’s no need to adopt a new sexual orientation label.

Another term which I won’t be using to describe myself is the term queer; the negative connotations of the original definition stop me from embracing it.

NOTE: In this blog entry I’ve tried to explain why I disagree with people who feel the term bisexuality should be abandoned in favor of labels like pansexual or queer. I’ve given it a 2nd try in another blog entry.


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