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IN RANDOM ORDER: Newspapers journalists who write their articles as if they’d rather be writing cheap detective novels. I don’t want to read a description of how the cigarette smoke encircled the head of the interviewee, I want news facts … Continue reading

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Populists Feeding on Paranoia

I live in western Europe. When I was younger (I’m in my mid-forties now), relatively few people openly discussed their bigoted views, because they feared a backlash. They may have held crazy ideas, but they were smart enough to realize … Continue reading

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Hardly Heavenly

An eternity without sex may feel like Hell to many humans, so one cannot help but wonder if those who believe in Heaven believe that Heaven’s occupants are capable of engaging in sexual activities. If they’re capable of having sex, … Continue reading

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Outnumbered by Fakers

The Internet is awash with articles that state that most women who get noisy during sex get noisy purposefully (e.g. the 2012 article Why some make so much noise during sex – By Ian Kerner). According to these articles these … Continue reading

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