Outnumbered by Fakers

The Internet is awash with articles that state that most women who get noisy during sex get noisy purposefully (e.g. the 2012 article Why some make so much noise during sex – By Ian Kerner). According to these articles these women vocalize because they want to speed things up, fake an orgasm, relieve boredom, etc. Thanks to these articles, some people might assume that every woman who vocalizes during sex does so intentionally, but some women produce involuntary vocalizations during sex with a lover and/or during masturbation. Apparently this “phenomenon” is less controversial (and therefor less interesting) to write about than fake(d) moans and grunts. I hope that the (selectively written) articles about sexual sounds that don’t come naturally don’t lead to natural “noise-makers” being falsely accused of faking orgasms.



About dnnya17

Interests: photography, music from the mid-1950s-1980s, watching biathlon, motorcycle speedway and curling on TV, and reading.
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