Newspapers journalists who write their articles as if they’d rather be writing cheap detective novels. I don’t want to read a description of how the cigarette smoke encircled the head of the interviewee, I want facts and I want them to be presented to me in an unbiased fashion.

Fonts that contain numbers that are bigger or smaller than the letters.

Manufacturers’ tendency to use as much wrapping material for their products as possible. Doesn’t the term waste reduction mean anything to them?

Nature documentaries that contain more humans than other animals. I see enough humans on TV as it is, thank you very much!

My neighbors’ tendency to slam doors. I would really appreciate it if they’d find themselves a pastime that produces fewer decibels.

The dirty looks that some strangers give me when I say hi to them. Sometimes it makes me want to say to them: “No, I didn’t threaten to harm you. I was being polite and friendly. YOU should try it sometime!”

Websites that feature “infinite scrolling“. Do website designers get paid by doctors to supply them with RSI patients?

Electrical appliances that go into standby mode when I press the off button and can only be turned off by unplugging them.

Calculators that lack an off-button. I don’t want it to turn off after several minutes of inactivity, I want to be able to turn it off when the calculations are done.

Newspaper headlines that contain the personal pronoun we, us or you.
Note to headline editors who engage in this annoying habit: Don’t pretend to “speak” on behalf of readers you have never met or communicated with.


About dnnya17

Interests: photography, music from the mid-1950s-1980s, watching biathlon, motorcycle speedway and curling on TV or Online, and reading. I update blog entries whenever I notice errors or other things that displease me.
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