Hardly Heavenly

An eternity without sex may feel like Hell to many humans, so one cannot help but wonder if those who believe in Heaven believe that Heaven’s occupants are capable of engaging in sexual activities. If they’re capable of having sex, will God allow them to?
If they are allowed to do it, does it ever result in progeny or does the sex-is-supposed-to-be-for-procreation-rule no longer apply after death? If the “procreation rule” is abandoned, then why this is the case? Is Heaven at risk of becoming overpopulated?

If sex in Heaven does (at least on occasion) result in offspring, then do these children age after birth? If they don’t age, then Heaven must be full of babies who are incapably of doing anything other than lie around on their backs or bellies for eternity.

If they do age, then other problems arise. Aging results in wear and tear of the various components that make up the human body. If God is capable of preventing this type of deterioration, then Heaven is full of humans who look different than Earth-bound people. Take the facial hair of males, if a man doesn’t shave, then his facial hair will grow at a rate of about 15 centimeters (6 inches) per year. If we assume that the hair of  Heaven-born men isn’t affected by wear and tear, then they’d all be sporting incredibly long beards and mustaches. Having to drag your facial hair around is not a fun activity, so one would expect that these men want to be able trim their facial hair, but hairs that are impervious to damage, can’t be cut by knives or scissors.
One might argue that God wouldn’t allow hairs to grow so long that they’ll become a burden, but what does God consider to be the ideal hair length and why does he consider that length to be ideal? Of course, it isn’t just men’s facial hair that God would have to deal with. He’d also have to determine the maximum length of the hairs on people’s head’s and that of their nails.

If God lets Heaven-born humans age without providing them with time-proof bodies, then their bodies will eventually wear out. He could decide to stop the aging process at some point, but what would the preferred age be and why would God prefer that age?

If God let’s their bodies wear out instead, then Heaven can hardly be an ideal place for them. Will they continue to live when their bodies are longer capable of functioning properly or can they die? If they can die, then what happens next? Will their after-death-lives be similar to those of their Earth-born counterparts?

What about the circumstances that lead to the death of Heaven’s occupants (Heaven-born and Earth-born humans alike). Will the condition(s) that resulted in their deaths disappear? If not, then Heaven is full of people who are ill or injured. How does God stop them from feeling pain? If God heals their bodies, then to what extent does he heal them? Do gaping wounds close up? Do amputated limps grow back? Do cancer cells become healthy cells again. Are men who experienced erectile dysfunction able to get and sustain erections ? Does the IQ number of people with a very low IQ go up? If so, then how high does it become and why is this the ideal number?

Some people may wish to avoid this line of questioning by claiming that Heaven’s occupants do not posses a body. But how can non-corporeal entities experience sensory stimulation, which is the main source of pleasure for human and other animals.
Perhaps these believers think that God can stimulate Heaven’s occupants in a non-physical fashion. Perhaps they assume that Heaven’s residents merely “think” they’re engaging in fun activities, while in reality they’re floating around as blobs of energy or gas. They may theorize that Heaven’s occupants have no substance at all, and are akin to thoughts instead. The kind for which no neurons are required, of course. To me, such an afterlife seems anything but heavenly.


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Interests: photography, music from the mid-1950s-1980s, watching biathlon, motorcycle speedway and curling on TV, and reading.
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