Populists Feeding on Paranoia

I live in western Europe. When I was younger (I’m in my mid-forties now), relatively few people openly discussed their bigoted views, because they feared a backlash. They may have held crazy ideas, but they were smart enough to realize their views were controversial, and would only open up about them to people who agreed with them or who they expected to agree with them.

Things have changed since I was young. Right-wing populism has been on the rise for quite a while now and bigots are flocking behind politicians who constantly spout gross generalizations about minorities. Some of these politicians couldn’t care less about their supporters. All they care about is popularity and (political) power, and so long as right-wing views are popular they will pretend to hold these views. Others are genuine bigots. The result is the same, both types of politicians exploit fears and dissatisfaction. By scapegoating minorities they manage to distract people from the ever expanding power of big industry and the erosion of privacy rights.

I’m hoping for a huge decrease in right wing populism, but I think things will get worse before they get better.


About dnnya17

Interests: photography, music from the mid-1950s-1980s, watching biathlon, motorcycle speedway and curling on TV or Online, and reading. I update blog entries whenever I notice errors or other things that displease me.
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